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The Bible Is the Standard of Christianity


The Bible Is the Standard of Christianity

Whether your life of faith is just beginning, or if you’ve believed in God for years, the Bible should be the core of your faith. The best way to know God and develop a relationship with God is through His words. 

Second Coming Christ

Christ Ahnsahnghong

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ established the New Covenant and set the example of being baptized, and observing the Sabbath day on Saturday, the Passover with bread and wine and all the Feasts of God.

God the Mother


When we look at all living organisms, we see the same pattern: life comes from a father and mother. This is true for plants, animals and human beings. But ultimately, the mother is the one who gives life to their children. 

Feasts of God

New Covenant Passover

When we celebrate the New Covenant Passover, Christ is in us and we become one body with Christ. Like this, God promises us protection from disasters and eternal life. 


Sabbath Day

God commanded us to keep the Sabbath Day. While it is a day of rest, it is first and foremost a day to commemorate God who created the heavens and earth.


The Soul Exists

A fundamental component of faith is the belief in the soul. Understanding the origin of the soul and where it came from gives us insight into where we are going and why we must believe in Christ.

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