Is Mary the Heavenly Mother?

2023-08-11 10:30
When we preach the Heavenly Mother, some people insist that the "Heavenly Mother" is Marry.
Is their insist correct? -> No!

1. Jesus' mother becomes a grandmother to us

Spiritually, is Mary the mother of Jesus?
If so, since Jesus is our spiritual father, Mary becomes our grandmother.
Therefore, It is wrong to insist that Mary is our heavenly mother.

2. Jesus said that spiritually Mary was nothing special

It is not that Jesus was born through Mary because she is her special being.
It's just that Jesus chose one of the creatures because he had to be born in the flesh on this earth.
The logic that a Creation becomes the mother of the Creator just because it conceived God is unbiblical.
Jesus also made it clear that Mary was not spiritually special.
Mt 12:46-50 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him.
Someone told him, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you."
He replied to him, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?"
Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers.
For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

3. Even Mary she is just a sinner who needs a savior.

Maria is also a sinner.
If she was not a sinner, she would not have needed a savior.
But Mary confessed to God that he was her savior, and that she was his servant
Lk 1:46-48 And Mary said: "My soul glorifies the Lord
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,

Therefore, Mary is not the Heavenly Mother, she is just a sinner like us.

So, Mary is Heavenly Mother is a false insist.
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  • 2023-08-13 14:35

    Heavenly Mother is God who gives us eternal life. Mary is just mere man. We follow Heavenly Mother who gives us everlasting life.

    • 2023-08-14 09:14

      According to the teachings of Jesus, we must meet the Heavenly Mother who gives us life. Mary is just one of the sinners like us.

      • 2023-08-15 13:59

        There are quite a few people who believe in the Virgin Mary, but when you think about it, it is foolish to believe in Mary as God. Besides the above evidence, there is no word in the Bible that proves Mary to be our heavenly mother, God, and savior. Therefore, we should trust and follow only the God, Ahn Sang-hong, and the Heavenly Mother, who he proved as God

        • 2023-08-15 14:07

          In order to know who Heavenly Mother is, we must study the Bible well. Only through the Bible can we know and receive Heavenly Mother.

          • 2023-08-15 14:07

            Until I came to the Church of God, I also vaguely thought that since Mary was the mother of Jesus, it might be right to call her Heavenly Mother. However, after coming to the Church of God and realizing Heavenly Mother as the Creator through the prophecies and records of the Bible, I realized that Mary is also one of the creatures that cannot be called holy.
            I am eternally grateful to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for granting me the spiritual eyes and wisdom to perfectly distinguish between truth and lies.

            • 2023-08-15 14:07

              Is it right that Mary became the object of worship just because she conceived Jesus?
              It is correct to say that Mary was greatly blessed as a human being because she conceived Jesus.
              Mary is a sinner and a person in need of salvation, but she cannot become the savior, Heavenly Mother.

              • 2023-08-15 14:07

                Heavenly Mother is Creator or, our Savior. Only God can give us etenal life. So mere man, Mary is not Heavenly Mother.

                • 2023-08-15 14:08

                  The claim that Mary is the Heavenly Mother is false, and the Bible clearly tells us that there is a Heavenly Mother. We must receive salvation by believing in Heavenly Mother who gives eternal life, not by believing in Mary as Heavenly Mother.

                  • 2023-08-15 14:08

                    Thanks to God for letting me know the existence of Heavenly Mother and who Heavenly Mother is through the words of the Bible.
                    I give thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, Elohim God who give us eternal life.

                    • 2023-08-15 14:08

                      Mary is not God the Mother. Jesus chose one of the creatures because He had to be born in the flesh on this earth.

                      • 2023-08-16 05:34

                        Very clear! The most important thing is the word of the Bible. The only criterion of distinguish the truth from the falsehood is the words of God. Jesus said Mary was not spiritually special. In the last age, our Saviors would appear as the Spirit and the Bride. They are our God the Father and God the Mother. God the Mother is our Almighty God who allows us the water of life, eternal life.

                        • 2023-08-16 09:52

                          Heavenly Mother in heaven is the mother of our souls.

                          • 2023-08-16 13:03

                            Mary was the way Jesus came in the flesh. The claim that she became the heavenly mother by giving birth to Jesus is a false claim that does not understand God's providence.

                            • 2023-08-16 13:03

                              I give thanks to Elohim God for allowing me to receive Heavenly Mother. Heavenly Mother was given eternal I received eternal life because God made me realize the existence of God the Mother. Tahnks to Go for leading me to the Church of God where God the Mother dwells. There are still many people in the world who do not know the existence of God the Mother, and there are some who claim that Mary is their heavenly mother. I will preach God the Mother who gave me the blessing of eternal life to such people!

                              • 2023-08-16 13:03

                                The Heavenly Mother recorded in the Bible is our God.
                                Is Mary, the physical mother of Jesus, God?
                                definitely not!
                                The Bible is not a book for our physical, but a book written for the salvation of our spirit.
                                Therefore, the Bible should not be interpreted with a physical eye.
                                According to the prophecies of the Bible, let us enter the kingdom of heaven by receiving the true Heavenly Mother who appears in the last age of the Holy Spirit and grants us eternal life!

                                • 2023-08-16 13:03

                                  Amen. Mary is not the Heavenly mother. We must fully realize the mother God that the Bible proves.

                                  • 2023-08-16 13:04

                                    Mary cannot give us eternal life. Because Mary is not a savior, but a person like us. The Lamb's wife (the bride) in Revelation 21 and 22 is certainly God the mother who saves us as the water of life. (Gal 4:26)

                                    • 2023-08-16 14:41

                                      Revelation 22:17
                                      The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!"
                                      Some people insist that the "bride" in the verse is Mary.
                                      But because the bride is the wife of the Lamb, Mary, the mother of Jesus, cannot be the wife.
                                      So the idea that the bride is Mary is wrong.
                                      So the bride is the mother God.

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