A place where there is a path to eternal life

2023-10-10 13:46

There are many religions and churches in the world today, and most people expect that they will be saved and receive eternal life through the religion they believe in.
However, eternal life is something that only the Creator God, who created heaven and earth, has, so it is a blessing that can only be obtained by those who believe in the Creator God and follow His will.
God the Creator came to this world and carried out the work of salvation in accordance with the prophecies of the Bible, and in this age of the Holy Spirit, He came as the Holy Spirit and the Bride to open the way to life for us.
It is the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who revealed and restored the secret of eternal life hidden in the parables of the Bible and the truth of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.
The only church established by God the Creator on this earth is the World Mission Society Church of God, a spiritual Zion where the feasts of the New Covenant are observed.
The prophecy of the Bible records that those who come to spiritual Zion and keep the Passover of the New Covenant and the truth of the tree of life restored by Elohim God, Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, will receive eternal life and the blessing of eternal salvation.
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  • 2023-10-10 14:58

    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the truth of salvation. It is no use believing in God, if we do not keep God's commandments. We can receive eternal life through God's commandments.

    • 2023-10-11 14:30

      That's right.
      But many people still don't know God and his laws.
      Therefore, let us announce Mother God and deliver the feast of the new covenant to return to the Church of God.

      • 2023-10-12 08:57

        Christ Ahnsahnghong, the Second Coming Christ, and Heavenly Mother restored all truth and established the World Mission Society Church of God, spiritual Zion, as the feast of the New Covenant. Let us gain eternal life and salvation by keeping the truth of the tree of life that has been restored.

        • 2023-10-12 13:13

          God grant us eternal life in zion where God dwells and gives abundant blessings. We receive eternal life in zion

          • 2023-10-12 13:22

            There are many religions today, and each one believes in God differently.
            However, the Bible testifies that there is no one who can save us except God the Creator. God the Creator chose Zion and is there. That is why the blessing of salvation was granted to Zion. Zion, where the blessings of salvation are granted, is a place where feasts are celebrated. God has established and kept the feasts because we can receive the blessings of eternal life through them. God's feasts are the New Covenant, and the most representative is the Passover. Let us be blessed with eternal life in the Church of God that celebrates the Passover!

            • 2023-10-12 13:28

              amen. Eternal life is granted only by God. Through the truth of the tree of life, God revealed that the truth that saves us is the Passover. Let us go to the Church of God that celebrates the Passover and be saved.

              • 2023-10-12 13:36

                God promised eternal life to those who keep the New Covenant Passover. Its because we can have Jesus's flesh and blood through the Passover bread and wine. Only the WMSCOG keeps the New Covenant Passover according to the Bible!

                • 2023-10-12 13:36

                  The spiritual Zion that keeps the New Covenant God’s feasts all over the world is the World Mission Society Church of God!! It is a place where God, who gives salvation and forgiveness of sins, is with you!! Let’s all go together~^^

                  • 2023-10-12 13:36

                    God established the Zion where God's feasts kept. It is the Church of God. In this last ages, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother restored the truth of the New Covenant that is the Sabbath day and the Passover. We must keep the Sabbath day and the Passover through the God's commandments. Only the members of the World Mission Society Church of God keep the truth of the New Covenant in this world. Let's keep God's law and preach them to all nations.

                    • 2023-10-12 13:37

                      As Apostle John saw in the revelation given to him, the saints who will be saved in the age of the Holy Spirit are those who dwell in Zion (the Church of God) where they obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.

                      • 2023-10-12 13:39

                        Amen.The only church established by God the Creator on this earth is the World Mission Society Church of God, a spiritual Zion where the feasts of the New Covenant are observed! Come to the Church of God, where there is a path to eternal life!

                        • 2023-10-12 13:46

                          We should stay in zion where the eternal life is allowed

                          • 2023-10-27 05:43

                            In the last days, we must find a safe place where we can escape great disasters. The Bible points to the place Zion. Zion is the place where God's appointed feasts such as the Passover and the Sabbath are celebrated. In this world, since only WMSCOG keeps these feasts of God, Zion is WMSCOG. We should let people know the place where God appointed, Zion. Let's do our best to save others as God the Father and God the Mother sought us and saved us by preaching!

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