Is X-mas really the Birthday of Christ? - (WMSCOG, GOD THE MOTHER)

Jane Kim
2023-12-24 11:44
<Is X-mas really the Birthday of Christ?>

= NO

Luke 2:8-11
And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night …TODAY in the town of David a SAVIOR has been BORN to you; he is the MESSIAH, the Lord.

1) Around December, it's cold winter in Bethlehem with occasional light snow fall.

No shepherds lead their sheep out in the open field during that season.

2) Therefore the date 25th of Dec. is not Biblical.

3) Dec 25=Sungod's Birthday
(Encyclopedia Britannica, inc.)

The winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.
From Dec 25, the days start to begin like 'Rebirth of the Sun."
(Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier, Inc.)

4) It is certain that Xmas on Dec. 25 originated from pagan custom, Sungod worship.

DEUT. 12: 30 careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about their god, saying, "HOW DO THESE NATIONS SERVE THEIR GODS?

5) We must never celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25 - The Birthday of the Sungod.

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  • 2023-12-28 07:19

    Christmas is NOT the birthday of Jesus. It is originated from Roman festivals. God forbade us not to keep Gentile's feasts. It can not be rationalized with the excuse that we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. It is just man's thought and opinion. We need to keep the New Covenant Passover that Jesus wanted to keep eagerly.

    • 2023-12-28 13:13

      We must realize that Satan is using Christmas to hinder us from realizing God's feast.
      We must know exactly the origins of Christmas and either celebrate it or not participate in it.
      We must understand and keep God’s feasts and commandments.
      If you go to the Church of God, you can learn to discern God's commandments well.

      • 2023-12-28 13:26

        The day God was born is not Christmas. How can we recognize and keep a day that God has not recognized? we shouldn't celebrate christmas

        • 2023-12-28 13:46

          After Jesus ascended and the apostles passed away, the church gradually became secularized and
          even began to accept the ideas and rituals of the Gentile religion. Christmas,
          which many people know as Jesus' birthday, is one of them.
          Today's Christmas is a justification for secularized Christians to join the pagan festival
          by setting the birth date of Jesus, whose date is not specified in the Bible,
          as December 25, the festival day of the birth of the sun god.
          Regardless of the birth date of Jesus, it accepted the birth date of the Gentile God,
          doctrined it, added the form of worship, and later, as a result of adding various
          myths and customs such as Christmas trees and Santa Claus,
          Christmas has become the biggest festival of Christianity today.

          • 2023-12-28 13:46

            Judging from the historical evidence, we can easily conclude that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus' birth. Christmas is an adaptation of an ancient Roman pagan festival celebrated in honor of the sun god.

            • 2023-12-28 13:45

              Christmas is an idolatry. And it is a law that God has not enacted. If you celebrate or observe this kind of Christmas, you will never go to heaven. I thank and Crist AhnSahnghong and Heavenly Mother for allowing The Passover of the New Covenant, which is not a rule that cannot be lived, but a rule that allows us to live.

              • 2023-12-28 13:47

                People of the world are veiled by the falsehood. Even though they hear the origin of the Chistmas, they just say " Oh, I didn't know that, it's interesting." instead of asking "isn't it wrong to celebrate Jesus' Birthday on the birthday of the sungod?." Let us shine the light of the truth and lead many people to the right way to believe in God.

                • 2023-12-28 14:24

                  Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus. Let us be saved by observing the Passover that Jesus himself established and kept!

                  • 2024-02-16 01:59

                    Christmas is not the birthday of God, but the birthday of the sun god. We are reporting this wrong information. The reason we tell the truth is because everything that many people naturally accept without even thinking about it is a tactic of the devil to deceive them knowingly or unknowingly. The Bible already prophesied that this would happen. We must escape the devil's deception that causes many people to worship gods other than God through the holiday of Christmas.

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