Let's not forget God

2024-02-22 14:13
In the Old Testament, the Israelites entered the land of Canaan after living in the wilderness for 40 years after their Exodus. There was a period of waiting before obtaining Canaan. God promised Canaan to the Israelites. God split the Red Sea for the Israelites, provided manna, and showed all kinds of miracles. However, even if something difficult happened, the Israelites forgot the existence of God and quickly started complaining.

“We tested the LORD… to see whether the LORD was among us or not.”

Those who forget God cannot have faith. Joshua and Caleb believed in the existence of God who was with us until the end even in difficult situations. God allowed only Joshua and Caleb to enter the land of Canaan. Those who do not have God at their center quickly fall even at the slightest trial. Even though there may be a process of refinement, God will eventually lead us to a gracious path. Let us not forget that God is the one who ultimately blesses us.
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  • 2024-02-22 14:54

    No matter what the situation, I will not forget God. I am grateful to Elohim God who always protects and protects me.

    • 2024-02-23 02:16

      Amen ~ No matter what conditions God gives, the results will be full of only blessings ~ Let us become children who follow Father and Mother God with patience until the end.

      • 2024-02-23 03:38

        I will be a child who remembers God under any circumstances.

        • 2024-02-23 13:31

          All the trials and suffering we face are God's process of refining us. It is a process that makes us God's people, and we should not complain because it is difficult. Ultimately, it is to bless us and contains God's will to take us safely to heaven.

          • 2024-03-07 13:23

            If we forget God, we cannot receive any of blessings. Let's remember this.

            • 2024-03-07 13:40

              If we forget God, we cannot have faith.We should think of God. When we depend on God, God gives us strengh to overcome any difficulties. We must forget God. We should think God always.

              • 2024-03-07 13:40

                I will not forget Elohim God, who gives us salvation and blessings, and I will trust and follow to the end.

                • 2024-03-07 13:40

                  Let us forever remember Elohim God, who gives us eternal life and guides us to heaven !

                  • 2024-03-07 13:41

                    This earth is a place where angels who sinned and were kicked out of heaven receive forgiveness for their sins and prepare to return to heaven. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to heaven, but if you overcome the difficult moments, you will receive the blessing of heaven at the end! We can learn a lesson from the history of Canaan in the Old Testament! Let us return to heaven together by persevering until the end in God the Father and God the Mother!

                    • 2024-03-07 13:42

                      Amen. Thanks to God for always being with us and opening up all paths. Let us always have God at the center of our hearts.

                      • 2024-03-07 14:15

                        Believing only in situations where you can believe cannot be said to truly believe. I hope that we too can become believers in God like Joshua and Caleb, who firmly believed in God regardless of the circumstances and circumstances.

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