Do You Know the Church Jesus Established?

Rowoon Lee
2024-06-02 12:14
Nothing in this world was created by chance.

There clearly exists someone who created the Earth.

Who created the Earth?

The distance between the Earth and the Sun and the size of the Earth were all created to be suitable for human habitation.

Is this really a coincidence?

We can understand the existence of God who created this world.

Even though we cannot see Him, God exists.

Although it is invisible to the eye, heaven exists. We must go to heaven.

Only those who keep the New Covenant Passover can receive eternal life and enter heaven.

This is because God promised the blessing of eternal life in the New Covenant Passover.

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  • 2024-06-02 15:25

    We can realize the God Elohim, who created the earth through all things visible.
    God Elohim is God the Father and God the Mother.
    Let us keep the New Covenant Passover, which God Elohim has established, and be saved forever.

    • 2024-06-03 13:31

      There is no air or germs, but they exist.
      Heaven is invisible, but it exists.
      In order to go to heaven, you have to observe the Feast of the Apes and have eternal life to go.

      • 2024-06-03 13:38

        Let's keep the New Covenant Passover, so that we can have eternal life and go to heaven.

        • 2024-06-03 13:38

          The Church of God keeps the New Covenant and believes in God the Father and God the Mother both. The New Covenant is such as the Sabbath, the Passover and so on. God shows Elohim God through the nature created by God.

          • 2024-06-03 13:40

            Amen~ We can realize through all things that God exists. Please find out through the Bible that heaven and God exist even if you are not visible.

            • 2024-06-03 13:44

              We can see and hear within a limited range. Can we say they don't exist just because we can't see them? No.
              The same goes for God and heaven.
              Through the 'Bible', we can realize that God and heaven definitely exist. The Bible testifies that Elohim God, that is, God the Father and God the Mother, exists, and that the only church to which God has promised salvation on this earth is the Church of God.
              I hope everyone will come to WMSCOG to meet the true God and receive the blessing of salvation.

              • 2024-06-02 12:15

                When we look at people created in the image of God, called 'us', we can see that there is not only God the Father but also God the Mother. We must believe in God the Mother, whom the Bible testifies to more than 2,500 times. And as a child of God Elohim, we must inherit God's flesh and blood through the New Covenant Passover to receive the blessing of salvation. I am grateful to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for helping me realize Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, who are the true saviors of all things, and for giving me the blessing of eternal life.

                • 2024-06-03 13:52

                  If we can’t see it, isn’t it all true? We believe through various scientific evidence that the Earth is floating in space. Even though we didn't see it with our own eyes. The Bible even predates scientific evidence. We must believe in the Bible, where all prophecies are true. Therefore, we must also believe in and fully observe the Passover of the New Eye Yak, the feast in which we are saved.

                  • 2024-06-03 14:24

                    The creationism recorded in the Bible does not conflict with human science. Numerous prophecies in the Bible are being discovered with more certain facts as time goes by. So, there are many cases where scientists believe in God. So what is the way to heaven as taught in the Bible? What are the good deeds taught in the Bible? It is keeping God’s feasts. Even if there are actions that seem better than this in our physical thoughts, the truly good and right action is to believe in God and keep the Passover. Just as as science advances, Bible prophecies that were once dismissed as nonsense turn out to be true, we will all realize and know in the near future. That the good deeds that God revealed were truly good deeds. Therefore, even if there are parts of God's teachings that we do not understand, let us exercise the wisdom to obey them with faith.

                    • 2024-06-10 14:30

                      God, who created all things, establishes the Church of God with the New Covenant Feasts to save humanity on this earth and saves God's people who keep the New Covenant Feasts! The only place that keeps the New Covenant God's feasts is wmscog.

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