The true bible

Rowoon Lee
2024-06-23 07:17
Many people do not believe in the Bible.

They think the Bible is unscientific and illogical.

But is that really true?

Science, first of all, involves forming several hypotheses.

If these hypotheses are confirmed through experimental results, they are adopted as theories and published in academic journals.

However, what has been accepted as truth for a long time can often be overturned over time.

A representative example is the shift from the geocentric model to the heliocentric model.

This shows that science, which people so devoutly believe in, can always be overturned.

However, the Bible is different. God revealed the truths of the world through the Bible thousands of years ahead of science.

You should check out the true Bible right now.

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  • 2024-06-23 07:21

    The Bible is ahead of science, and all prophecies came true according to God's word. From this, we can believe that the Bible is true and the clear word of God. If you truly believe in the Bible, you can receive Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, the saviors of the age of the Holy Spirit that the Bible testifies to.

    • 2024-06-24 08:41

      The Bible is the Book of Prophets.
      I made a prophecy in the Bible beforehand and proved it through science.

      • 2024-06-24 13:17

        The Bible already taught us 3,500 years ago that the Earth was floating in space (Job 26:7) and the water cycle (Job 36:27-28). In addition to this, God has shown us that the Bible is true through various evidences. What could be more logical and scientific than this? Therefore, God‘s words (Revelation 22:5-6) that we will reign in heaven forever and ever are also true. We must believe these prophecies and be with God the Father and God the Mother until the end!

        • 2024-06-24 13:32

          If you study the Bible, you can realize that it is scientifically true! I hope you study the Bible and realize the truth, too!

          • 2024-06-24 13:44

            most people don't believe the Bible.
            Then, could you believe the Bible if science and history prove that the Bible is fact?
            God proved through science and history that the Bible is fact. we have to find out what the secret of the bible is by believing in the Bible. and then, you will know Elohim God giving us salvation, who are God the Father and God the mother.

            • 2024-06-24 13:45

              The Bible is the words of God. Through it we can realize who is our salvation and way to go back to heaven. When we examine the Bible through scientific fact and history we come to know the Bible is truly fact.

              • 2024-06-24 13:50

                How can we know God exists? It is throught the Bible. Let's us know God throught the Bible. According to the teachings of the Bible, we must believe in not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

                • 2024-07-04 11:39

                  Bible proves that God fulfill all prophecies of the Bible. Those who are tochd by God's tortellini will marry out their missing assigned to

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