Positive Activities of the Church of God (ASEZ)

2023-06-01 09:09

ASEZ is a volunteer group formed by the youth of the Church of God, and they are working together to solve the many difficulties and challenges that have arisen throughout the country and around the world.
Today, global issues are occurring as disasters, environmental problems, economic problems, and crimes are increasing all over the world.
ASEZ holds many campaigns and forums to solve problems that are currently happening around the world as well as practical volunteer activities to help less fortunate neighbors.
Just as the world changes with the fluttering of wings of a small butterfly, ASEZ members hope that the world will change into a more positive and better place to live through sincere activities.
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  • 2023-06-01 13:15

    ASEZ are always at the forefront of many activities.
    As there are awesome activities of ASEZ, our future is so bright.

    • 2023-06-01 14:49

      I'm so amazed and touched to see volunteers serving neighbors and even the world suffering from disasters and various problems.
      I want to participate in the activities of ASEZ, group of university student volunteers from the Church of God(WMSCOG), and I will always support ASEZ.

      • 2023-06-02 13:03

        According to God's word to be light and salt, I want to participate together by imitating ASEZ, which does many activities for the earth.

        • 2023-06-02 14:07

          If we serve and care for others with the same heart as our mother, crime will be eliminated.
          Therefore, the volunteer organization of the Church of God, ASEZ, serves with the heart of a mother and practices to lower the crime rate.

          • 2023-08-23 13:48

            The World Mission Society Church of God is different from other churches in the world, and WMSCOG is so special. It's all because they are learning the teachings of the Second Coming Christ and God the Mother. In the last days, the Spirit and the Bride are Saviors in the last days. You can meet them in Zion, WMSCOG. I am so proud of being a member of WMSCOG.

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