The Bible proved by science is the fact.

2023-06-20 13:48
Most people today who do not believe in God say that they cannot believe what is written in the Bible because they do not believe that the Bible is true.
However, God recorded and predicted scientific and historical facts long before human science and history.
As human science develops and time goes by, science and history clearly prove that the Bible is the Fact.
If we look at the records and prophecies of the Bible with a little interest, we can believe that the Bible is a clear fact and the word of God through clear evidence that no one can deny.

The reason God proved the Bible true through scientific and historical evidence is because God wants all mankind to be saved by believing in God and obeying God's Word through the prophecies of the Bible.
According to all the prophecies of the Bible, those who receive and believe in God the Holy Spirit Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who have come in this last age of the Holy Spirit will return to the eternal kingdom of heaven prophesied in the Bible.


Job 26:7 He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.


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  • 2023-06-20 14:22

    What do the biblical records preceding science and the fulfillments of the prophecies tell us? They tell us that God truly exists. Let us believe in God the Father and God the Mother, listen to His word, and run toward the Kingdom of Heaven where there is no death,no sorrow, and no pain.

    • 2023-06-20 14:58

      Science proves the the Bible is true. So, the Bible is the words of God. What we need to in this age is to obey God's words absolutely, so that we can be saved.

      • 2023-06-21 04:29

        The Bible is the book of prophecies. Who else dares to prophesy the future except for God? As you may be aware, the world is going along with the prophecies of the Bible. That's why we have to study the Bible diligently. Let's believe in the words of the bible and prepared for the coming future by following the words of God.

        • 2023-06-21 06:27

          Many things make it clear that the Bible is the fact. The Bible is so the fact!

          • 2023-06-21 14:16

            The Bible clearly testifies that this is true through scientific and historical facts. We will become children who believe in the Bible correctly and firmly believe in Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who came to this earth according to the prophecies.

            • 2023-06-30 14:55

              The record of the Bible, far ahead of science, tells us that God exists and the record of the Bible is true.

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