The secret of salvation contained in the earthly family system

2023-07-02 12:10


When God created all things, He created them with His will in mind.
He told us that what is on earth is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven.
The family system on earth, which is the model and shadow of all things created by God, was also made to make us realize God's family, the heavenly family system.
The fact that the family on earth consists of a father and mother and their children, and that the children are connected with the flesh and blood of the father and mother, was all modeled after the heavenly family system.
If you are a child of God who believes in God and wants to be saved, you must understand the heavenly family system accurately, and you must understand and believe in God the Father and God the Mother, the members of the heavenly family.
And those who keep the New Covenant Passover, the only truth that can receive the flesh and blood of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, can become true children of God and perfect members of the heavenly family.
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  • 2023-07-03 14:35

    The logic of this land is the same as that of heaven. In this land, you have to receive flesh and blood from your father and mother to become a child. Even in heaven, you can become a heavenly child only when you receive flesh and blood from heavenly father and heavenly mother.
    Let's keep Passover in Church of God and return to heaven as a child of God.

    • 2023-07-05 07:24

      I came to know that just as there are families on earth, there are also heavenly families in heaven.

      • 2023-07-05 13:03

        If you don't know God, you can't go back to heaven.
        Fortunately, God has given us the Bible so that we can know God.
        According to the Bible, the earthly system is a model and shadow of Heavenly system.
        And just as there are parents on earth, we testify that there are parents(God the Father & God the Mother) of our souls in heaven as well.
        Let us properly know and believe in God the Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, who are our saviors and heavenly parents, and enter the eternal kingdom of heaven without any deficiency!

        • 2023-07-05 13:02

          Can we be his child just by calling him father? No! To become a member of the family we have to receive his blood. What about the heavenly family? It is the same! we cannot become a child of God by just calling God Father. We have to receive God's blood.

          • 2023-07-05 13:03

            We can Know the existence of God the mother through mothers who exist in the family system on earth.

            • 2023-07-05 13:04

              The Earth's family system is a model and a shadow that tells the family system of heaven. No one was born without a father or a mother in this land. Likewise, in order to get the life of the soul, there must be a heavenly father and a heavenly mother. The place where Christ Ahn Sang-hong and Heavenly mother give us eternal life is the World Mission Society Church of God.

              • 2023-07-05 13:05

                I would like to sincerely thank my father AhnSahnghong and Heaven's mother for making me realize the heaven family through the family system and informing me of the Passover to become a member of the heaven family.

                • 2023-07-17 04:38

                  How amazing that a clue of salvation was very close to us! The earthly family system is a copy and shadow of the Heavenly system. Just as there are a father, a mother, and their children in an earthly family, there must be Spiritual Father, Spiritual Mother, and Their Children in the Heavenly family. Jesus did hide the great secret in the word "Father in Heaven" for His beloved children. That God is our Father means we are God's children and we also have God the Mother. It's the greatest truth of God.

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