Bible Prophecies and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother

2023-07-04 13:44


The Bible is a prophetic book given by God to testify about the Savior who will save us.
The Savior, Christ Jesus, who came to this earth 2000 years ago, also fulfilled all the prophecies of the Old Testament, so He testified that He was God.
The Bible prophesied of the Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, the wife of the Lamb, who would appear in the last age of the Holy Spirit.
According to all the prophecies of the Bible, those who receive God the Holy Spirit Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who came as saviors in the age of the Holy Spirit in which we live will receive the blessing of eternal life and salvation.
If you come to the World Mission Society Church of God, you can understand all the truths of Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, the last mystery of the Bible, and receive the blessing of being born again as Heavenly Mother's children who will receive salvation.

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  • 2023-07-04 15:12

    Only the Church of God believes in and teaches christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who came as the Spirit and the Bride.

    • 2023-07-05 14:40

      I will fully believe in Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mother testified by the Bible, and firmly believe that she is the savior in the age of the Holy Spirit.

      • 2023-07-06 13:10

        In the last days, God the father, who is the Second Coming Jesus, and God the Mother, who is His Bride, are to appear and invite the saints to the heavenly wedding banquet.
        For this reason, we must receive not only God the Father but also God the mother in this age

        • 2023-07-06 13:24

          Heavenly Mother has come to this earth to give us eternal life according to prophecy. She is the source of salvation in this age.

          • 2023-07-06 11:54

            We can recognize God in the flesh through the prophecies of the Bible. We need to know God's will by studying the Bible.

            • 2023-07-06 13:27

              The Bible cleary testifies about our Elohim God, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother. They created all things together,worked together.
              And at last, They have appeared as the Spirit and the Bride to give all mankind the eternal life ,salvation.
              Whoever wants to know our savior God the Father Ahnsahnghong and new Jerusalem Heavenly Mother in this age of the Holy spirit
              Please come to Church of God!!

              • 2023-07-06 14:25

                The Bible is a book that testifies of the Savior(John 5:39).
                Thus, we can recognize that it is the Savior who fulfills the prophecies of the Bible.
                Since Jesus was the one who fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies 2,000 years ago, the apostles recognized Jesus as the Savior.
                And today, it is Christ Ahnsahnghong and the Heavenly Jerusalem who have carried out the prophecies of the Bible and given us the water of life, so we must believe and follow them!

                • 2023-07-17 04:32

                  In these last days, without believing God the Mother as well as the Second Coming Christ, we cannot expect salvation. There are many people who claim to believe in God and think that they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But, the Bible clearly warned that those who do the will of God can enter the Kingdom of Heaven while those who do the lawlessness can never. The will of God is to follow and believe in the words of God. The Bible prophesied that the Spirit and the Bride would give us the water of life. We should seek Them and receive the water of life to have eternal life. They are our God the Father and God the Mother. Let us have firm faith in Them and preach this fact to the people of the world!

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