How to believe in God the Creator

Olivia Lee
2024-02-10 13:04
There are numerous gods in this world. However, we can obtain salvation and eternal life by trusting the God who created all things in the world and the God who created us. The act of believing in God created by people is destroyed and cursed.
In the past, the people of Israel created a shape of a golden calf in the wilderness and worshiped it, saying, "This is God who led us out of Egypt." As a result, they were punished and 3,000 people were killed.<Exodus 32:1-28>
In addition, King Jeroboam created a shape of a golden calf and deceived the people into believing it as God. It became a sin and King Jeroboam and all his family members were destroyed.<1Kings 12:25-32, 14:9-11>
By taking lessons from these things in the past, we must trust the Creator God. The way to fully realize the Creator God is to observe the Sabbath, the anniversary of Creator,God. The God who created all things in the world and the God who created man is Elohim God, that is, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.
Today, countless people in the world are serving an unknown god. They worship idols by making excuses that it is a good custom to practice filial piety. Only we who observe the Sabbath know God, the Creator, and serve our Heavenly parents fully. The members of  Church of God are those who have faith that can be saved and are the children of God, the Creator.
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  • 2024-02-11 01:44

    Those who keep the Sabbath receive a sign that they are called the people of God. Let us become children who keep the Sabbath day holy by remembering it as an example of Christ Himself.

    • 2024-02-11 09:45

      God set the Sabbath day to commemorate his creation works. So, By keeping the Sabbath, we can memorize God creator who create all creature. But, if some keep the Sunday observence, he becomes to worships Sun-god automatically because Sunday is the holy day of Sun-god. This is very traggic, Someone has been worshiping on Sunday, believing in God.

      • 2024-02-11 14:23

        God made the Sabbath Day holy as a memorial of the authority of the Creator. We must keep the Sabbath Day in order to know who the God is.

        • 2024-02-12 13:17

          Many people today serve and believe in God, but it is not really God.
          If you believe in God, you must keep the commandments God gave you.
          The only church that believes in and follows God is the Church of God.
          You have to go to the Church of God who keeps the Sabbath and believe in God.

          • 2024-02-12 13:21

            Observing the Sabbath day is the way to memorize our God the Creator since God had finished His work of creation in 6 days and rested on the 7th day and commemorated that day as a way of rest. Furthermore, God commanded God's people not only just remember the day of the Sabbath but also to keep it as holy. In this age the way to remember and worship God is keeping the Sabbath day so that we can honor our God the Creator.

            • 2024-02-12 13:43

              The Sabbath in the Bible is Saturday, not Sunday. The Church of God is the only church in the world that properly observes the Sabbath on Saturday according to the Bible.

              • 2024-02-12 13:52

                The way to fully realize God the Creator is to keep the Sabbath, the memorial day of God the Creator. The God who created all things in the world and the God who created humans is Elohim God, that is, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

                • 2024-02-12 13:53

                  You must believe in the savior, but you must believe in the savior correctly.
                  The only way to recognize the true savior is the Bible.
                  A savior made by human standards cannot be a true savior.

                  • 2024-02-12 23:08

                    Earth is a spiritual prison where angels who sinned and were kicked out of heaven live. God took pity on us who had sinned and been kicked out of heaven and created the earth to give us a chance to repent and go to heaven again. The Sabbath is a day to commemorate God the Creator. We must observe the Sabbath, the Creator's memorial day, with gratitude, give glory to God, be blessed, and become children who go to heaven again.

                    • 2024-02-13 02:50

                      The Sabbath is a sign between God and God's people!

                      • 2024-02-13 12:09

                        The Sabbath is the day to remember God the Creator. The Sabbath is the seventh and holy day.

                        • 2024-02-13 13:01

                          Thanks to Elihim God for allowing us the Sabbath day so that we can get the oppertunity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!

                          • 2024-02-13 14:17

                            Only God's people can remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

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