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God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit are one God, Father. 24

Unbiblical claim about Elohim God-1

‘Elohim’ can be translated as ‘Gods’ in plural form of Hebrew ‘El’ or ‘Eloah’. Elohim God is the creator, God the Father and God the Mother.  However, Many people are denying the teaching of...

Elohim God in Bible. 27

Elohim God Who are one – Adam and Eve

Today, many Christians claim that they know God very well. Actually they have the knowledge about one God, the Father but don’t have any knowledge about two Gods, Elohim who are God the Father...

elohim god we have to acknowledge for salvation 33

Elohim God we have to acknowledge – 1

The original version of bible, tora, is recorded God as ‘Elohim’ over 3,500 times. Elohim means ‘Gods’, which is plural representing ‘El’ or ‘Eloah’ , the single form of God. what is the will...