World Mission Society Church of God


Volunteer Services

Everybody becomes happy in Mother’s love

The earth created by God is home to mankind. We are like one family. However, the number of people suffering from wars, famines, disasters, and diseases all over the world has been increasing every year. Unexpected social, economic, and environmental disasters threaten our basic human rights to life, education, medical treatment, and a healthy environment; they even jeapardize the survival of mankind. The Church of God aims to create a world of peace and happiness where everyone feels comfortable as if in the arms of a mother.


Support for the implementation of the SDGs

Poverty and famine alleviation, disease prevention and treatment, protection of human rights of disaster victims and vulnerable social groups, support for child and youth education


Help for the growth of communities and countries

-Community development and environmental improvement
-Solving community problems
-Residents’ harmony & public-private cooperation


Promotion of family happiness and neighborly harmony

-Expanding participation of family and neighbors in volunteer services
-Sharing family events and cultural activities
-Promoting neighborly understanding


Character build up of children and youths

-Improving self-esteem, promoting family love
-Expanding knowledge, improving altitude
-Improving communication among peers and generations

Overseas Visiting Group